1. By signing up and/or clicking on "accept" and/or registering with trimail.in service, you signify your agreement to our terms of use and commit to observe them.
2. The trimail.in reserves the right to revise the terms of use at any time without notification.

II. Description of our service
1. Any internet costs the user may have while using this webmail are the user's responsibility.
2. The software necessary to access trimail.in service(common web browser) must be provided by the user.
3. The trimail.in does not check on messages or any other content stored on trimail.in unless bound by law to do so.

III. User's Obligations
1. By purchasing this product you agree not to use it for spamming purposes of any kind and not to use it to offend against indian law.
2. The user and only the user is responsible for any operations carried out with the help of this application.
3. It is the user's responsibility to keep his/her password safe and secret and to prevent his/her account from being accessed by any third party. If, however, a third pary should unauthorized gain access to the user's account and perform illegal actions(such as offend against these terms of use or indian law), only the registered user of the account can and will be held liable.
4. It is explicitly prohibited to use this service for the purpose of sending spam emails and mass emails. The user will be liable to compensate for any damage or loss.
5. Any contravention of III. 1-4 or any other section of the terms of use will authorize the provider to delete the contravening user's account and all of his/ data without requiring his/her consent.

IV. Data Protection
1. The trimail.in is obliged not to give registration or address data to any third party unless bound by law to do so.
2. The provider trimail.in is authorized to retain the user's address data for an unlimited period of time as documentary support in case of a legal dispute.

V. Final Provisions
1. It is the operator named in the imprint that is responsible for this trimail.in website and its contents. The producer of the software is not involved.